Grow your business internationally.

Use our low-cost and low-risk business development capacity.

Take advantage of network effects.

Benefit from cross selling.

Finds the best solutions for your business issues.

For your company.

Our goal. Your market growth. aims to contribute to the international growth of organizations and their people.

Growth in the number of customers and orders. And if possible, growth in the form of becoming an even better organization.


Our approach.

We wish to work differently from the regular consultancy agencies. It goes without saying that we offer the entire range of services in order to do business and grow internationally in a linear way.

But what sets us apart is the pull strategy that our platform organization offers. With this we help to increase your customer base and order portfolio in an organic way.


Cooperation and co-entrepreneurship.

We often do this in the role of co-entrepreneur, in most cases with a partnership based on result-based profit sharing. That way your investment remains low, but you still take advantage of the capacity, network and publicity of

We are therefore organized as a network organization. Not new. But extremely valuable to achieve your growth goal in an efficient manner.



Cooperating community members of Rhoodz become co-owners of with their invested time. Whatever their background, their shared aspect is the desire for entrepreneurship and working on assignments that inspire.

Our members act as "intrapreneurs", choose through our platform the projects with which they have an affinity and work, often in a small team of colleagues, on Business Development for often several clients at the same time. A setup that we believe is more effective than the usual sales approach. With this method, the community ensures an ever-growing network of members and the warm leads they bring in. In addition to capacity growth, we also see the advantage of cross-selling.


There is a reasonable chance that our concept will raise questions. It won't surprise you that we are happy to answer them in a personal conversation. And in these times, an online meeting is of course also a suitable solution.