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For anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur.

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And wants to contribute to a better world.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur but still not caught on to that brilliant idea? Not yet the time to build a Startup? Or would you rather not bear entrepreneurial risk? Then immerse yourself in the possibilities of or even better, join us!


Cooperative entrepreneurship.

What's the idea? We work together on projects for international growth of business concepts we believe in and inspire. As a "cooperator" of you choose one or more projects you would like to work on. This is by no means just about sales. All other aspects of business operations are also required. So regardless of your background and expertise, there is almost always a suitable role to choose.


How does it work in practice?

First you become a member of our cooperation. Your time, and any expenses during the projects you work on, are administered online. They are your investment in the business and give you a proportional right to fair profit sharing. The company profits are fairly distributed among the staff. And every hour worked increases your share in Rhoodz. Think of it as share ownership without having to invest.


As Rhoodz, we do not only choose this method because it is efficient and effective. We believe that it is mainly honest, fun and inspiring. And that it is probably just a matter of time before everyone works this way.


We believe that striving for prosperity is okay. That's what we do with But we strongly dislike greed. As long as a large part of the world lives in poverty, this is unacceptable.

Slicing Pie

We use Slicing Pie for calculating one's fair share.

Slicing Pie is not complicated. It is a simple formula based on the principle that a person's % share of the equity should always be equal to that person's share of the at-risk contributions. 

At-risk contributions include time, money, ideas, relationships, supplies, equipment, facilities or anything else someone provides without full payment of it's fair market value. Every day people contribute more and more to a company in hopes that it will someday generate a profit, go public or sell. Because contributions are constantly being made, the model is dynamic. It self-adjusts to stay fair.

Our purpose.

Rhoodz is a commercial organization that wants to achieve the greatest possible result for its customers. But never at the expense of people and nature. In our view, the purpose of doing business is to contribute to a better world. That is why is the SDGs are leading. We use our organizational profit for a fair remuneration of all employees and to contribute as much as possible to the realization of the SDGs.


We welcome anyone who wants to join our community.

Does our story appeal to you? Then join us and make it your story too!


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