Norway, our focus.


Perhaps your organization already has international ambitions or activities, but they are not yet focused on Scandinavia?

Norway, as the inhabitants say “the best country in the world”, offers a fantastic opportunity for an additional market of 5 million people and is an ideal springboard to the rest of Scandinavia.


In Norway and the other 'Nordics' there are many opportunities and possibilities for expanding your company internationally. The Nordics are not only fantastic to travel or live in, they are also a prosperous growth market that offers wonderful opportunities for companies with an international aspiration.


Rhoodz is a Dutch-Norwegian collective of independent professionals and entrepreneurs. Our activities and ambitions are therefore almost naturally international.

Rhoodz guides entrepreneurs with international ambition to Scandinavia when entering this market. From our subsidiary in beautiful Kongsberg we are happy to help you realize a successful entry of your business activities into the Norwegian market. We also help to establish contacts with business partners and to make use of (financial) support.


Networks and Contacts

Whatever your international plans, to realize them you need the right contacts. Rhoodz has an extensive network of relevant individuals and organizations in Norway. We are on site, speak the language and know the culture, local players, networks and market. We advise, make contacts and open doors for you.


Knowledge and Information

When entering a new market there is a lot to consider. It is important that you have the correct information. Rhoodz is happy to help you answer your questions about doing business and cooperation in Norway. Exploiting opportunities and realizing international ambitions, that is what the support of our Norwegian network is aimed at.


And does it work in Norway? Then it is a small step to neighboring countries Sweden, Denmark and Finland.


Why invest in Norway?

Curious about more? "Invest in Norway", the official investment promotion institute of Norway, offers a nice overview of arguments for investing in Norway.