Platform for organic growth.

Platform offers a revolutionary solution for entering new international markets.

The network strength of our community together with our free available platform provide an innovative approach to internationalization that ensures organic, cross-border growth of your organization.

And at the same time, we contribute to a more equitably distributed economy through our organizational model. A responsibility that we believe is now self-evident.


Rhoodz makes internationalization possible by pairing organizations that have international ambitions with our international community members. People who are inspired by your product or service and love to let your business grow in other countries.

  1. Think of the markets you would like to enter

  2. Think of the way you would like to be helped

  3. Think of the way you would like to have commitment

  4. Introduce your concept or value proposition and inspire our community

  5. Inspired community members pick your goal as their project

  6. Receive our project offer, discuss the details and let our project team start growing your business internationally! 

How it works

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