We help organisations grow internationally.

Efficient and effective. Fair and sustainable.

About Rhoodz

Rhoodz offers a revolutionary solution for entering new, international business markets.

Rhoodz is build on a community structure and an internal platform. Community members are shareholders. They choose their own projects to work on. This implicates highly motivated co-workers who are able to ensure an effective result. 

The network strength of our community together with our platform strategy provide an innovative approach to internationalization that ensures organic, cross-border growth of your organization. And at the same time, we contribute to a more equitably distributed economy through our organizational model. A responsibility that we believe is now self-evident.


A reason to change the system

International growth has so far been a costly, time-consuming and risky process. Although the internet makes it easier to serve a global market, eight out of ten companies are not successful with their international business. There are many local, national laws to be aware of. You have to work in a different language and you have to deal with cultural differences. SMEs often choose the wrong partners abroad and their idea is stolen or knowledge leaks.

Regardless of a pragmatic or systematic approach, all entrepreneurs experience bottlenecks in international business. The most important five are: different laws and regulations, payment risks, high costs and / or administrative burdens of transport, finding new customers and the culture of doing business in other countries.


Our approach

In internationalisation, finding the right partners and new customers is mostly a linear, time-consuming and costfull proces.

It takes an average of 3 to 5 years for a newborn organisation to take the cross-border step. Often without successful completion. In our opinion it's a waste of time for companies with great concepts to wait 3 years or more before taking the cross-border step. This situation should be changed.

We believe the solution is to find in a pro-active approach, build on a community and platform strategy.

By identifying your business potential on one or more of our foreign markets in an early stage of your company-life and offering you a free platform to automatically create a winning team for quick, qualitative and quantitative result.


A proven process for succes. Starting with a check on your business-model-fit-to the local goal market. Following by a 360 degree external market analysis, strategy and entry plan. And ending with a product-market-fit where we interview and connect your first new International customers.


In case you only have need for a certain part of our value proposition chain to help realizing your international aspirations. 

Rhoodz is set up like a one-stop-shop, with a menucard that makes it able to pick out any necessary service to fulfil your international jobs to be done.


A free option to exposure your company, value proposition and international aspirations. Used as a pull strategy with the intended outcome of new ambassadors, resellers and customers.



Our roles


To find the most suitable solution for the choice and entry of a new foreign market.

In the role of consultant, we contribute with advice on the feasibility of introducing your organization to a new international market. In addition, we develop a strong market entry strategy in combination with an efficient implementation plan.

Business developer

For building your new international market. After thinking comes action. That is where we can help you with our business development. For the realization of the strategic and tactical market entry plan. We call it strategy execution.


We link you to the right partners and expand your business ecosystem. Linking here is not just about connecting with separate business market parties - we call that the traditional approach - it is also about connecting you with our individual community members who want to contribute, with their intrinsic motivation and their specific valuable competencies and skills, to the international growth of your company.


For accelerating the growht of your market volume and quality. We do this using our own community and platform. And by choosing and leveraging the best sales channels in the target market. Have you already started on a foreign market and would you like to use extra capacity? In that case we are happy to contribute as a Reselling partner.

Trusted advisor

Be available at any time for instant advice on local market decisions and the actions to be taken. That's the value we offer as your trusted advisor. To help you being able to switch quickly in an efficient and effective way. With full confidence in your business partner. That's how we can contribute in this role of trusted advisor. With knowledge of your company, of business design and operational management. And knowledge of the business ecosytem, law, tax and culture of the foreign local market.