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Komp for organisations

Komp is a flexible solution that helps organisations and service providers improve patient wellbeing, whilst enabling those cared for to live more independently.

Komp can be tailored to your organisation's needs, and is built around different packages to provide care homes and institutions with a digital point of contact to a group that often lacks technical interest or experience, either due cognitive or physical limitations. Komp can be implemented at any scale, from one device for one patient to a full network of care homes.

Success stories

Komp has been established in Norway since 2019, and is now used by 80 Norwegian municipalities, either in care homes or as a contact point in the patients homes. More than 1000 patients stay in touch with their loved ones and service providers through Komp. Since its recent launch in the UK, successful trials have led to Komp's use by multiple local authorities, NHS trusts and charities.

"We have reduced costs associated with driving to patient visits, as well as having reduced the amount of physical visits needed. This is made possible because service recipients who have Komp can receive follow-up sessions digitally. We still visit in person, but Komp is well suited for follow-ups, reminders, or to prepare the recipient for upcoming appointments."

– Anne-Lise Brenna Ording, Welfare coordinator, Kongsvinger Municipality

How does Komp work for organisations?

For organisations, Komp includes the Komp Pro platform, the Komp device and the Komp family app. From the Komp Pro platform, carers can send photos and messages, carry out video-calls, and schedule medical appointments and reminders, all tailored to individual needs or care programmes. You can manage and see the status of an unlimited number of Komp devices, create specific groups and assign different levels of access to different team members. Carers can carry out their care duties to a single user or send content to groups of Komp, activity is always logged and audited.


Whether delivering residential, in-home or integrated care services, Komp connects a network of family and professional carers to support the user, creating feelings of security and independence that have a real impact on patient wellbeing and care outcomes.

Key features

  • One-to-one video communication, messaging and photo sharing

  • Shared calendar to support daily activities and manage healthcare appointments

  • Clock with day/night orientation

  • Limited interaction and training required by the user – no touch screen

  • Unlimited 4G connectivity

  • A web platform for administration and interaction with Komp

  • Full technical support, online training and ongoing assistance


" So far my parents have benefited from a better sense of connectivity with video rather than voice calls. As a result my mum is now not skipping meals, remembering to take her medication correctly and even doing little walks around the garden to get some exercise every day. All within a week or so of having the unit installed. we couldn’t get her to do it with phone calls and leaving notes up around the house. It’s the Komp that’s making the difference. Brilliant."

– Peter

Privacy and safeguarding

The Komp device and software offers a completely secure and private connection with the user. End-to-end encryption means that nobody can listen in on or record conversations. The Family App has no visibility over the carers’ content and activity, and vice versa. Visit our privacy pages for detailed information and legal documents.