Our services & capabilities

Our proposition is based on three pillars; design, build and run.

For each pillar we offer suitable capabilities and services.


Design your strategy.

Local Market Fit research.

With a solid and proven process we investigate the chance of achieving succes in the foreign goalmarket.

Our process consists out of three 

components; first of all the QuickScan, followed by an extended, integral feasibility study and finished by a product-market-fit check.


Market entry plan. If the goalmarket is promising, we offer to design a strategical, tactictal and implementationplan.

Build your market.

Business development. The execution of the Market Entry plan. This is the stage where we create the long-term value for your organization by realizing a businessmodel-fit.



Growing the number of customers for your product by means of managing the right sales channels in combination with pro-active, consultative sales, executed by our community members.


Platform strategy. 

By offering our platform we facilitate an increase of the exposure, business development and sales of your value proposition. The value of our platform can be found in a pull-strategy towards the connection with new co-workers, key-partners and customers.

Run your business.


Any kind of service that is essential for running a business smooth, efficient and in compliance with local law and tax regulations.


  • Local Market Fit QuickScan

  • Local Market Fit Feasibility study

  • Local Market Business Model Design

  • Product-Market Fit Check

  • Local Market Business case

  • Local Market Strategical Plan

  • Local Market Entry Plan


  • Company Incorporation

  • Market Entry Program management

  • Market Entry Project management

  • Key Partner search

  • Team Recruitment

  • Consultative reselling

  • Reselling & Channel Management

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Platform Management


  • Compliance

  • Tax administration

  • Accountancy

  • Pay-roll services