Our vision

There is a need for a new type of economy. Circular and based on a fairer distribution of available resources. For a just and healthy world.


As a result, there is a need for new business models. Based on multiple value creation. In addition to revalued economic principles, ecological and social principles are just as important.


Fortunately, a social transition is underway. More and more people are committed to creating a better world. Action is taken and support grows.

But in the eyes of many, this transition is not going fast enough. Not everyone shares the same principles.


Change the system.

International growth of companies is still a difficult process to date; expensive, complex, time-consuming and risky. It takes an average of 3 to 5 years for an organization to take the cross-border step. Often without successful completion.


"There is no efficient system for effective internationalization that can contribute to the collective growth of companies with an innovative and sustainable business model or business motive."


That is exactly the problem that Rhoodz.com wants to solve. Changing the system!

So that every young SME with an innovative and sustainable business model can grow internationally quickly, easily and with little risk.


We believe the solution is to find in a pro-active approach, build on a community and platform strategy. Not through a traditional linear process and push strategy. But with a progressive system based on a holistic approach and a pull strategy.


How to start? By identifying ones business potential on one or more of our foreign markets in an early stage of the company-life and offering a free platform to automatically create a winning team for quick, qualitative and quantitative result.